The 10/40 Window...

Is a term coined by Christian missionary strategist Luis Bush in 1990 [3 years after we began working in Nigeria and in India] to refer to those regions of the eastern hemisphere located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. It describes a general area of the world that is purported to have the highest level of socioeconomic challenges and least access to the Christian message and Christian resources on the planet.

The 10/40 Window concept highlights these 3 elements: a geographic area of the world with great poverty, low quality of life, combined with lack of access to Christian resources.

The Window forms a band encompassing Saharan and Northern Africa, the Middle East, as well as almost all of Asia. Roughly 2/3 of the world’s population lives inside the 10/40 Window, and is populated by people who are predominantly Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist, Jewish or Atheist. Many governments inside the 10/40 Window are formally or informally opposed to Christian work of any kind within their borders. (Ref. Wikipedia)